The expert care and attention to detail that has been part of the Fusion wood and stone design development allows you to create a stunning interior. Should you however wish to create a truly bespoke floor and enhance your rooms appearance, then we offer a range of inlay accessories for you to choose from.

Adding a level of authenticity to your chosen flooring through fine detailing and textures, Fusion Grouting Strips can be laid between stone tiles to create a room perimeter, feature area or highlight a design floor layout. Use a close-to-tile colour or a contrasting colour for a more striking effect.
Similar in design to the Grouting Strips, Fusion Marquetry Strips when added to your wood plank design floor help create a stunning finish. Adding authentic textures and detailing, the Marquetry Strips come in 4 wood shades and can be laid between planks to create a ‘ships decking’ effect, as a perimeter around a room or permanent features such as island units. These Marquetry Strips are also designed to work with Fusion stone designs, providing you with endless possibilities.
For those interiors that require a bolder highlight when creating a design floor, Fusion Feature Strips come in 7 solid colourways and can give your installation a more graphic look. The striking metallic shades together with natural brown tones are all designed to work with wood and stone floors.